About Michael Kohlhagen, Superintendent

Michael Kohlhagen’s career as a school administrator began in 1988, when he accepted a position as a Social Worker with the New York City Department of Education. Three years later, he received a promotion to Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services. Three more promotions would follow, eventually placing Michael Kohlhagen in the position of Director of Pupil Personnel Services.

In 1999, after more than ten years at the New York City Department of Education, Michael Kohlhagen joined Hartford Public Schools in Hartford, Connecticut, as Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services. In this role, Michael Kohlhagen held responsibility for attendance policies, guidance, social work, health services, redistricting efforts, career readiness programs, psychological services, and adult and alternative education.

Following his two-year tenure at Hartford Public Schools, Michael Kohlhagen relocated to New York to serve as Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at Port Chester-Rye Union Free School District, where his responsibilities included curriculum and instruction, special education, instructional technology, and assessments for the district. At Port Chester, Michael Kohlhagen’s accomplishments ranged from the development of a Five Year Instructional Technology Plan to the implementation of a school-based Health Center initiative with three locations.

Michael Kohlhagen also enjoyed considerable success at Wethersfield Public Schools in Wethersfield, Connecticut. As Superintendent of Schools from 2007 to 2010, Michael Kohlhagen set up a new health care reserve, implemented a better special education database, and improved state achievement scores in many areas. In addition, Michael Kohlhagen helped the district meet its goals without any staff layoffs, despite a small budget.

Currently a student at Columbia University, Michael Kohlhagen is working on his dissertation to acquire his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership.

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