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The Benefits of Advanced Placement Classes for College-Bound Students By Michael Kohlhagen

Advanced Placement (AP) classes provide students with the opportunity to earn college credits before graduating from high school. These college-level courses culminate in an exam at the end of the final semester. Scores obtained on AP exams determine the amount of credit that a student may apply to cooperating undergraduate programs during college.

AP courses are available in 34 subjects, including Chemistry, Psychology, English Language and Composition, various history courses, and several foreign languages. Courses offered vary from one high school to another, but are uniformly rigorous in nature in order to prepare students for future college standards.

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About the Author:

Superintendent Michael Kohlhagen is an experienced educational leader and administrator. During his time as the Superintendent of Wethersfield Public Schools in Connecticut, Mr. Kohlhagen increased the availability of AP classes offered within district high schools to benefit students.