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Michael Kohlhagen: Turning Around Struggling Schools – Part I

Michael Kohlhagen, who has worked as both a superintendent and an assistant superintendent, has dedicated his career to students’ success. In addition to working with teachers and staff members, Mr. Kohlhagen possesses considerable experience with securing educational grants, especially those from the U.S. Department of Education.

Working in conjunction with agencies at the state and local levels, the U.S. Department of Education has reserved $4 billion for its Title I School Improvement Grant initiative, which aims to drastically transform the lowest-performing institutions in the country. As President Barack Obama noted, “12% of America’s schools produce 50% of America’s dropouts.” The program challenges districts to reduce that dropout rate and thereby ensure our continued prosperity in academic and professional settings.

To reach this goal, the government offers administrators four options for intervention, including the transformation model, which requires schools to hire a new principal, make significant changes in teaching quality and curriculum, and provide students with more time in the classroom and greater opportunities for community involvement. Schools may also close and reopen under a new operational structure—the restart model—or they may shut down and enroll their students in nearby higher-performing schools.