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Michael Kohlhagen’s Experience at Columbia University

Before he embarked on a career in education, Michael Kohlhagen studied at several universities to grasp a comprehensive understanding of developmental and behavioral issues. Michael Kohlhagen started attending Columbia University in 1995, and he plans to complete his Doctor of Education within the next year.

Those who attend the Teachers College Education Urban Leadership Program study a broad range of courses designed to prepare them for careers in teaching or education administration. The program meets the needs of all students equitably. Examples of fundamental ideals taught at Columbia University in New York include an overview of educational policy, leadership qualities, effective teaching principles, organizational culture and behavior, and social science practice and research. After attending this program, Michael Kohlhagen grasped a comprehensive understanding of the issues presented in the course of teaching and managing students and faculty in a contemporary environment. At Columbia University, Michael Kohlhagen studied under some of the most talented professors in the country. Michael Kohlhagen remains grateful for the fundamental training he received at Columbia.