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An Overview of the SAT Examination by Michael Kohlhagen

A standardized examination that tests students on their reading, writing, and mathematics skills, the SAT is the most popular college admission test. Designed to test high school students on information covered in their general studies, the SAT serves as a means of measuring college readiness. Colleges and universities across the country rely on SAT scores to learn more about their applicants, and many schools offer scholarships based on SAT performance.

Since educators began developing the SAT in the early 1900s, millions of students have taken the examination. Over the years, the test expanded and changed, becoming more standardized and widespread. Today, more than two million students sit down to answer the SAT’s challenging questions every year. To learn more about this important examination or look at sample questions, please visit

About the Author: Between 2007 and 2010, Michael Kohlhagen served as the superintendent of Wethersfield Public Schools in Connecticut. During his three-year tenure as superintendent, Mr. Kohlhagen significantly improved Wethersfield High School’s SAT results.