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The Academic Budget Crisis – Reform Strategies to Fill the Gap, by Michael Kohlhagen (2/2)

At this juncture, limited educational financing stands as a harsh reality for many of America’s public school administrators. Necessitating creative resource management, the budget cuts of the past few years forced me to closely reevaluate my actions, a challenge I eagerly undertook in hopes of providing young minds with a springboard for a bright future. To this end, I strive to position myself as a catalyst for educational reform that adapts to student needs. Properly investing in our children’s potential requires time and effort, as no simple answers exist to the current budgetary conundrum. First and foremost, I advocate for student-centric changes in policy that acknowledge every student’s unique gifts, as well as their academic shortfalls. With the assistance of a committed teaching staff and the latest advancements in scholastic evaluative technology, I retain hope that we can overcome the challenges presented by decreased educational funding.

About the author:

An academic administrator with nearly two decades of experience in upper-management leadership, Michael Kohlhagen most recently served as the Superintendent of Schools for Wethersfield Public Schools in Connecticut. Accomplishing a great deal over the course of his tenure as Superintendent of Schools, Michael Kohlhagen focused considerable attention on improving students’ scholastic performance, implementing a number of innovative programs that facilitated higher scores in the Connecticut Mastery Tests (CMT), as well as the SATs. Responsible for shaping policies that directly affected the strategies utilized to educate more than 3,800 students, Michael Kohlhagen collaborated with Wethersfield Public Schools teachers in an actionable manner, bolstering district-wide improvement in literacy, mathematics, and science.

Michael Kohlhagen maintained a similar track record of success prior to joining Wethersfield Public Schools. During his time with the New York City Department of Education, Michael Kohlhagen acted as the Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Assistant Director of Funded Programs, and Executive Administrator for the Office of the Superintendent. Subsequently, Michael Kohlhagen stepped into a role as the Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services for Hartford Public Schools. Currently completing his Ed.D. in Education Administration at Columbia University, Michael Kohlhagen holds a firm commitment to expanding his knowledge and capabilities to the utmost degree.